Tiny Hand she looks like an angel
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The Deer Hunter movie gives me a lot of feelings ;__________;

I love Nicky and all but Mike and Linda’s chemistry never fails to make me gush and giggle. I think I will just rewatch Falling in Love to satisfy my DeNiro-Streep OTP. Meryl is too beautiful as always and Bob is fantastique and Christopher was perfect.

The movie is a masterpiece, if you did not like it, well idk what is wrong with you. Because this is a classic right. And is it not John Cazale’s last movie? Made me sad too.

I introduced it with my younger bro and I said this is the film that made Russian Roulette famous or something like that and before the scene he asked if the vietnamese made them play? I said how did you know so he said there is a level in Call of Duty where the scene is reenacted. I said, nice just like in Grand Theft Auto where the protagonist reenacted a scene in Scarface. Very nice I think.

What a really beautiful, tragic film.

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NO ONE SHOULD EVER EVER HIT MERYL STREEP! It was okay when Jeremy Irons did it on House of the Spirits but I wanted to hit him too but nofeckingbody should hit her!

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Look at that handsome packaging! I want to buy all the dvds with the AMPAS packaging afgshsjddkld

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