Tiny Hand she looks like an angel

lol ouat love tangles

Cora fell in love with Rumple, and Cora’s daughter too fell in love with Rumple. Thank goodness Regina didn’t fell in love with Rumple… Hahaha. YRumple’s wife and Neal’s mother; Milah ran off and fell in love with Hook. Hook falls in love again with Emma, Emma which was Neal’s first love, and mother of their son Henry. I just lol at these heehee

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So you think your childhood is ruined by OUAT? You should take a look at my family tree :)

- Henry Mills

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So Zelena finally gets her hand on Regina’s heart!!!!!!!

And finally naysayers/haterz can shut their trap about Robin working for Zelena :-)

I want to see how the hell they found out about Robin being the “royal heart keeper”!!! And NOBODY HURTS BBY ROLAND! THAT BBY IS TOO PRECIOUS! I also wanna see Robin apologizing to Regina being all sorry to her saying he couldnt do his job as the royal heart keeper and how he can’t keep her heart safe and Regina saying she understands coz you will do everything for the safety of your child hahahaha OQ feeeeeelz so then they come up with talking to the Dead!Cora. CAN WE FAST FORWARD TO SUNDAY (MONDAY IN MY TZ) ALREAAAADY THE LONG WAIT HAZ BEEN KILLING ME!

And I just love how Charmings, Regina, Hook & Emma are all working together like they all did back in Neverland but now Regina seems to be really all family with the Charmings :”))) she really have gone far now, I mean I really love how the Charming’s and Emma has come to accept her and see how she had changed. I cannot wait for Henry’s memories to come back so that he can see how Regina turns out to be the better person he always wants her to be aaahhhhhh So many feels alreadddy and its just one day after the recent eppie!

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Regina to Emma: You’re going to pretend everyone doesn’t see the yearning looks and doey eyes?

But Regina, you can’t pretend we don’t see the yearning looks and doey eyes? - OutlawQueen shippers
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I don’t to believe OQ is the one getting married on the finale.. I mean I don’t wanna give my self false hope, but really, just reading some theories about OQ being the one married gives me feelz! Hahaha! 

So, what if Zelena pulls another Regina, wherein OQ really did get married in the EF back in the lost year, and in their wedding she was all like Regina what she did in the Snowing wedding, so maybe the reason why only 1 year of their memories wiped out is really coz Regina/Robin really happened in the last year….

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Heart + Arrow: An Outlaw Queen Fanmix

[[ download ]]

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I still would not accept the fact that Regina being all comfy and trustworthy to Robin is OOC…. I could state all the reasons why she would feel that way to Robin, but what I am really hoping and wishing for is that, somewhere between that lost year, back in FTL/EF, they had “something” already, as in like Snowing, when they were in SB and their memories all wiped out, Charming/Snow was easily comfy with each other, and eventually fell for one another all over again, coz they have that “connection” and of course, they were in love with each other even before. So, what I am saying is, I really do hope, they show us more what happened bet Robin/Regina back then in the lost year, besides Regina giving him the gold tipped arrows from helping her get to the castle, so “naysayers” would just get off Regina being all OOC and all that.

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Fanmix: The Thief and The Evil Queen. Regina and Robin. Outlaw Queen.

{{ Part I: Regina }}

Dark Horse | Human | Falling | Hold My Heart | Demons | Pinesong | Ghosts That We Knew | The Moon Song

{{ Part II: Robin }}

Open Your Eyes | Flaws | Stubborn Love | I Can’t Make You Love Me | Falling Slowly | Give Me Love | Happiness | Cross That Line

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This will be a long ass essay about Outlaw Queen, and why I think they are one great ship, I will go down with it, and to hell and back if they also become canon. 

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