Tiny Hand she looks like an angel

Am I looking right into the camera here?

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365 Days, 365 Movies | The Fighter | 25/365 | ★★★★

I was really excited for this movie, and I really loved it! And that is coming from a boxing fan since boxing can be considered a national sport here in the Philippines. I have always seen Mark Wahlberg at ringside during Manny Pacquiao fights and I was glad to read that he used Pacman as someone to look up to during filming the movie. Christian Bale, really did shine here, mygosh how thin he looked! Reminds me so much when he did The Machinist and I wonder if he did once again the diet of just a can of tuna + apple (I read he did that diet before) and yes his performance is Oscar-nominee deserving. Amy Adams, how can I hide my love for her, I think she also did great here. Now I miss playing Fight Night and if ever I’m gonna play again I will use Mickey Ward first and foremost. I must also say Ward’ family might be dysfunctional and crazy but I love how they seem to be there for each other and was always supportive of one another.

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